Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is Construction Project Management?

If you have been thinking about building a block of units, apartments or businesses, you may also have been thinking about how on earth you are going to manage it. A construction project management service can be a great way of ensuring that your building job is completed on time and to schedule, but what sort of process do they follow?

Planning and Feasibility
This step involves looking at the property and determining whether it is actually feasible to undertake the project you have in mind. If it is, the management service will look into building permits and all the other areas that need to be planned prior to construction commencing.

Conceptual Planning and Engineering
In this step actual plans for the project are drawn up and the final design of the building (what it will look like) is finalized. These plans will then be passed on to an engineer who will tell you whether they are okay to go ahead or whether any changes need to be made to ensure structural integrity.

Procurement and Construction
This step involves all of the contractors and subcontractors being chosen to work on the project, as well as sourcing suppliers for all the various materials they will need. Finally, you are given the go ahead for onsite construction to commence and your building begins to take shape.

In the final step of the process, the construction project management service presents the finished building to you. You are given the chance to walk through and point out where any mistakes or damage has occurred; once this has all been rectified, the project is deemed finished and accepted. You are now ready to sell the units or apartments or to rent them out as desired.


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